How to Be Sexy As a Chubby Woman

Being sexy is always defined as having the perfect body or curve. But for me, what sexy really means is how you carry and present yourself in front of other people.

An overweight woman can be defined sexy in so many ways. They only have to find out what they have that well-curved women don’t. What is it? Let me share some;

Almost all overweight women I know have a great sense of humor, and they can use this to their advantage. Some men prefer girls who can actually make them laugh or who will laugh with them. A few of my guy buddies when asked what they want their woman to be, most of them tells me they want her to know how to appreciate food and eat since sexy ladies only eat low carbs food they often lose their appetite as well. Oops, another score for the big girls since they can be themselves when it comes to eating. While some guys want their babe as curvy as possible just to brag, others want them to have some extra on the side. When asked why, because they prefer hugging someone who is huggable and cuddly.

But then, no matter what others might say. Chubby women should not be discouraged in any way. Being your self is already an asset. Presenting yourself with confidence will be more than a plus. But the best part of it all is that being a plus sized woman is not the big issue here. The truth lies behind how you know the real you. You do not have to pretend you belong to the sexy group. Make your own group and just be yourself. You do not have to change a bit. If people will love you and accept you, it has to be because of who you really are and not because you have changed for them. And that’s being sexy in your own especial way.