Anti Aging – How to Be a Sexy Lady Over the Age of Fifty, Sixty and Beyond

First of all, let us start by discussing attitude.

Being sexy starts with the way you think, how you perceive yourself, and how you perceive others. Yes your appearance does play a role in being sexy, but it plays a much lesser role than how you act, how you treat people, and what are your expectations.

Being sexy is not the same as being a slut. You do not have to dress like a model or provocatively, use foul language, talk about sex all the time, be secular, or hang around men all the time.

First of all, being bitchy is not sexy. You can have a body, face and talent like Beyonce, but a stuck on yourself attitude, like you are gods gift to the world, and people (men and women) will avoid you like a contagious disease.

So my advice is to learn how to act sexy, meaning knowing how to be polite, how to give and receive compliments. Understand and use proper etiquette. Act like a lady, let the man open the door for you, wait for him to let you enter first, you know what I am talking about, and if you do not, read up on the subject. But also have a sense of humor, be the person people just like to be around. Please do not laugh uncontrollably, you do not want your laugh to be a topic for discussion. On the sexy side, being a bit flirtatious is a real turn on.

Get a thorough understanding of what works best for you when it comes to your appearance. Take some time to watch the Cable TV series “What Not To Wear”, or any of the other clone series on appearance and attitude. The point being, you do not have to spend a lot of money to look good, but you should pay attention to friends and acquaintances reaction to your sense of style. If you are not getting compliments on your hair, make up, shoes, clothes, and accessories, you may want to reassess your choices. One caveat however, if your acquaintances don’t have a clue either, you may need to visit some fashion departments to get to assistance. No need in having the blind lead the blind.

Now I have not mentioned hygiene yet, but I am assuming that those type of basics are a given, right?

Being a good conversationalist can be extremely attractive. Being up on current events, being well read, and having a well thought out opinion on various issues is a plus. You do not want to come off as bull headed or overly opinionated either. Being a good listener can be very attractive especially if you can offer some thought provoking response to what you are hearing.

But can you speak proper grammar? If not, this is going to impact your self confidence, so get working on your communication skills, it is never too late to work on self improvement.

Being in good physical condition can be very sexy. I am not talking about being an Olympic athlete, but being extremely over or under weight is not considered sexy to most people. You may not like to exercise, but you may like to walk, or dance, whatever, you need to find something to help burn calories and maintain muscle mass.

So there we have it. That does not sound like much does it?

If you truly want to be sexy and you are over the age of fifty, I bet you can do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal. The best part is that you will feel good about yourself, and that is what really matters.